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The Shannon Fellowship

A fellowship to work on breakthrough scientific ideas and projects

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The Shannon Fellowship is supporting independent researchers to pursue breakthrough ideas in underfunded areas of intelligence research. We support three broad categories of projects:

  • Fundamental discoveries in your subfield of interest

  • High-quality educational content for distilling literature

  • Meta-tools for accelerating research and information dissemination

These can be in Brain Computer Interfaces, Intelligence Augmentation, Theoretical Neuroscience, and Artificial Intelligence. However, we welcome applications that do not strictly fit into these labels.


  • Decentralized Bell Labs

    • Our ultimate mission is to create an ecosystem similar to Bell Labs in the 1900's, a thinktank that generated big ideas and funded projects that turned them into reality. We are designing a decentralized community to maximize idea sharing among our fellows and mentors.

  • Thinking from first principles

    • We value creativity and first principles thinking. We also value individuals who question the status quo, dissect the high level problems, and create new solutions.

  • The independent researcher

    • Today, research has practically become synonymous with academia. We'd like to support an emerging brand of independent researchers by creating an alternative space that promotes curiosity, ambition, and independent thought.

  • Fellows select the direction of research, not us.

    • We do not define research agendas from the top-down. We think the best ideas come from talented individuals like you.

  • Innovation beyond publication

    • Fellows' projects can be anything as long as they create value to society. During your fellowship, you can build open-source software, bootstrap a startup, publish a blog to distill research, or pursue any other creative ideas you are excited about. We want the outcome of innovation to be something practical and useful.

  • An alternative research path

    • Traditional PhD programs tend to be fairly rigid programs, expecting candidates to commit to 5 years of "publish or perish". While PhD programs may suit some, we'd like to offer an alternative that offers more freedom to explore, think freely, and pursue the projects that capture our attention.