Can I only apply in the domains of BCI and IA?

In the future, we'd like to extend the fellowship to other domains, but at the moment, we will only accept projects in brain-computer interfaces, intelligence augmentation, and adjacent domains. Ultimately, the arrangement comes down to availability of interested mentors.  If you would like us to make an exception for you, please let us know in your application your fields of interest and we will see if we can find mentors for you.

What type of projects can I work on?

You have the freedom to work on any project, and aren't restricted to typical research proposals. For some ideas, you can create open-source tools, work on a blog series to distill research, or develop new imaging techniques. We encourage you to be creative and detailed in your proposal.

How does the application process work?

The application helps us understand you and your research interests better. After submitting a project proposal and select mentors who you'd like to work with, you'll be matched with our mentors. If they're excited by your idea, then you're in!

What are the age restrictions for fellows?

‍There are no age restrictions.

Are there any publication requirements?

We do not value a researcher by how much they publish.There are also no requirements for having publications before applying. As a fellow, you will define your own metrics for success instead. The outcome of your project can be anything that positively contributes to  the scientific community.

What background of people are you looking for?

We encourage people with unconventional backgrounds to apply. Your background does not need to be in a BCI/IA-related field, nor does your project have to fit into the traditional archetype of conducting research.

What if my project is a startup I'm working on?

This fellowship offers a year of exploration for any impactful ideas you may have. If you decide to commercialize your idea, we have a good community of people to support you. We don't take equity, but will require you to disclose other sources of funding.

Who owns the intellectual property of the research/project?

You do! We are just glad to help you make your dream possible. We might ask to publish your project on our blog. Or, if you are launching the software, we can promote it on our website. But it is your research and your the project is ultimately yours.

‍Can I work with other researchers outside of this program?

‍You can work with anyone, in or outside of this fellowship.

Should I drop out of my PhD program or quit my company?  

We expect fellows to  focus solely on this fellowship for the year, but we will make exceptions for singular cases. If this might raise an IP conflict with your current company, we encourage you to leave the company.

‍Are there any expected working hours?

No, you dictate your own work schedule, as long as you are showing progress. There will be monthly progress checks administered, but all other logistics are up to you.

Can I apply as a team?

Yes, but the grant will be split among the entire team.

Do you sponsor H1B or other visas?

Unfortunately, we don't sponsor H1B or other kinds of visas at this time.

If I receive the fellowship, do I need to move to San Francisco?

No, but we recommend moving to wherever your mentor is physically located. Regardless, you will be invited to our events in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we don't currently provide living accommodations, but our community can help you find places to stay.

When does the fellowship start?

The fellowship is tentatively planned to start on January 1, 2019 and we are expecting to open up applications in late July.